Steering & Suspension

A functional car is a joy to have. A faulty one can be a source of headache and can be downright unsafe to drive in some instances, especially if the problem is steering and suspensions related.

In most cases, the symptoms are clearly seen, but diagnosing the source of the problem and fixing it properly requires a professional with a rich experience in this kind of work.

Five steering and suspension related problems you should never ignore;

  • When your car is pulling to one side
  • If your car is diving, rolling, and leaning
  • When you feel every bump you hit
  • If one corner of your car is sitting low
  • If you are having difficulty in steering

These are telltale signs that your car has a steering or suspension problem or both.


Why Early Diagnosis and Repair Is Important

No doubt that your car will have a mechanical issue at one point or another and that is to be expected. As your vehicle gathers mileage, some parts are likely to get worn and even break. The problem is when you realize there is something amiss and you choose to ignore. That can be a risky mistake.

It’s not to say that you should panic every time your car has a mechanical problem. It’s, however, prudent to be in the habit of getting any issues repaired in good time before they become a hazard or impediment to safe driving for yourself and other road users.

By paying attention to how your car feels, drives, and behaves, that will enable you to notice anything out of the ordinary and have it rectified in time which in the long run costs you less and keeps your driving experience safe and comfortable.

Faulty or worn shocks, struts, bolts, tie rods, springs or ball joints can be the reason for steering and suspension problems.


Our professional auto technicians are experienced with this common issues as we fix numerous cases every week. Sometimes the solution may be very simple and straightforward. Take, for instance, the case of a car pulling to the right or left which is a common symptom and a sign of a suspension problem. It can be one of the hardest problems to solve. Our technicians will inspect the car and once the problem is identified, we will propose a solution.

Usually, the common causes of a car pulling to one side might be as a result of

  • Uneven tire pressure
  • Uneven tire wear
  • Sticking brake calliper
  • Poor alignment
  • Bad steering rack or tie rod

There is always a cause for misaligned tires which can happen unwittingly as a result of climbing a curb or two or blowing through a couple of potholes and breaking a spring or control arm.

Fixing the problem be a half hour job or less as the issue could be rectified by inflating an underinflated tire or rotating the tires. However, the solution could also mean the replacement of key suspension components.

Steering problems are often a result of;

  • Low power steering fluid
  • Faulty power steering pump
  • Worn control arm bushing
  • Worn or lose power steering belt
  • Leaking power steering rack

Although every case is different, bringing your car over to our garage will be the start of identifying and rectifying the problem.

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