Electronic Diagnostic Fault Finding

Trying to diagnose an electrical problem in your car can be a complex affair that is best left to the professionals. In most cases, you as a driver will experience the symptoms of your ailing car in terms of lousy performance, such as a lack of power or fuel inefficiency. For any electrical fault and general repair, you can trust our qualified technicians to get your car back to optimal performance.

If you live in and around Chesterfield Derbyshire, you will like the fact that our garage is conveniently reachable and you do not need to fret over car trouble any more, whether Electrical or otherwise.

Our staff is highly qualified, experienced, and offer great automotive repair services. If your car for some reason is not her usual self in terms of performance, bring her over for a quick look over and if she is not starting at all, give us a call and we will arrange collection of your vehicle.

Convenient Services

Given your busy schedule, we totally understand that you may lack the time to get to our auto-garage. Our staff is more than happy to arrange an out of hours drop off & collection if required via pre arrangement to get your car to the garage for the required electrical and mechanical attention within a reasonable time frame.

Our garage is conveniently located in Chesterfield Derbyshire and our services are flexible, bearing in mind that you may not be able to drive down here down due to one reason or another. So give us a call and we will make it work for you.


Diagnosis and Repair

At our automotive garage in Derbyshire, our qualified team of technicians can quickly diagnose any Electrical or mechanical issue your car may have in no time. We let you know well in advance what the problem or problems are before we go ahead with repair works and we strive to keep you in the loop during the repair process.

To ensure accurate diagnosis, we use diagnostic and scanning tools that are up to date and have passed quality checks. 

Some common electrical faults that we encounter include;

  • Blown fuses
  • Intermittent electrical faults
  • Poor, earth grounds
  • Trailer wiring faults
  • Damaged wiring, in some case they might have been chewed by rats or mice)

We handle all type of cars including, saloon, SUV, light vans and motorcycles of all kinds.

This can be Japanese cars such as:

  • Toyotas
  • Daihatsu
  • Kia
  • Suzuki
  • Lexus
  • Mazda
  • Subaru and so much more

European cars such as;

  • BMW
  • Jaguar
  • Land Rovers
  • Mercedes
  • Porsche
  • Skoda
  • Saab
  • Volvo
  • Volkswagen

American cars such as;

  • Chevrolet
  • Chrysler
  • Dodge
  • Jeep
  • GMC

Chinese and Korean cars such as Daewoo, Hyundai and so forth are also our speciality. What you can be sure of, no matter what brand your car may be, is that our highly experienced staff will diagnose the problem, offer you a solution, and fix it within a reasonable time frame.

Call us today for electrical faults or any automotive issue and expect friendly expedient service.