Clutch & Brakes

You can never exaggerate the importance of brakes in your vehicle as they help you come to a halt at will and are an integral part of road safety because they assist you in commanding the car.

The clutch is another important part that allows your vehicle to engage gears in collaboration with your engine when you need to speed up or slow down your vehicle.

Common Mechanical Problems With Brakes

Faulty brakes are an obvious hazard on the road as they can easily lead to an accident if you are not able to stop your vehicle in time.

It, therefore, becomes very important in having your brakes checked out should they produce any funny noises or they are not as responsive as you would like them to be. When you frequently have to frantically pump the brake pedals before you come to a stop, then it is definitely time to have them looked at and fixed without delay.

Besides, no one likes to deal with the anxiety that comes with such a problem when you have to wonder whether you will be able to stop or not? Whether it is safe to drive your car or not? Will your breaks fail?


Our workshop in Derbyshire handles numerous brake issues every week. If you know what the common brake problems are, then you have a good chance of staying ahead of them.

Common brake problems

  • Soft brake pedal
  • A brake peddle that pulses up and down
  • The whole car gets the shakes every time brakes are applied
  • Your car pulls to one side

Some of these problems could be solved by simply re-filling the brake fluid reservoir. However, in some instances, it might require a whole overhaul of your braking system. Consulting with one of our highly experienced technicians should solve your brake problems in no time.

Common Mechanical Problems With The Clutch

A faulty clutch will exhibit certain symptoms which include:

  • Transmission may make noise while in neutral
  • Grinding sound when shifting gears
  • Hard to push the clutch pedal
  • A clutch pad that stays on the floor
  • Clutch chatters when you accelerate

Generally speaking and depending on the model, a clutch pedal if used properly can last from 50,000 miles to 100,000 miles. Some factors that contribute towards your clutch getting depleted at a faster rate includes drivers who develop a habit of resting the foot on the clutch unnecessarily and the stop-and-go that is common with city traffic. This lead to a shorter lifespan of your clutch.


It can be hard to distinguish if and when your clutch is faulty, but by being keen on your clutch behaviour and any foreign sound that might result from its use, you can learn to tell when it has a problem.

Should you know or suspect your clutch or brakes to be faulty and you stay in the Derbyshire area, you will be happy to know that we are the ultimate clutch and brake doctors not too far away from you.

You can bring your vehicle over to our garage in Chesterfield Derbyshire. Our technician will get to the bottom of the problem and have your brakes and clutch good as new in no time.

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