Car, Light Van, & Motorcycle Repairs

A good number people opt to commute by bus to work or school, while this may be convenient and even more economic, it may not apply to most for the simple reason that they may have a schedule that cannot just be accommodated by the public bus or train timings.

An executive that needs to be at the office early and might need to leave late will see driving as the best option and most convenient. This is the case for a horde of commuters who have varied schedules.

If you own a motor vehicle, you will appreciate the incredible convenience that it offers. The same applies if you own a light van or motorcycle.


So, it comes naturally for you to want your vehicle to remain in pristine condition and for it to have a longer life. For this to happen, periodic scheduled maintenance with your mechanic will go a long way in making sure that your car runs like a charm.

When you have a scheduled regular maintenance with us, our team makes sure to check all the basics and the not-so-basic areas in your car just to make sure it continues to provide you with good performance and serves you reliably.

That includes things like:

  • Oil changes after prescribed mileage
  • Engine air filter replacement¬†
  • Spark plug replacement¬†
  • Cam belt change

Why Inspections and Timely Repair Is Important

Generally, modern vehicles need a regular inspection of the fuel systems, ignition, and emission systems. Lack of regular maintenance can be quite costly, for instance, bad oxygen sensors and other parts can be detrimental to the car's performance. Moreover, they can give engine computers false reading and result in fuel inefficiencies by as much as up to 40%. That can't be good for any driver's pocket and vehicle.

Common mechanical issues that need repair include;

  • Catalytic converter replacement
  • Oxygen sensor replacement
  • Fuel cap replacements
  • Thermostat replacement
  • Mass airflow sensor replacement

Light Vans And Motorcycles

Our preventative car maintenance programs extend to light vans as well as motorcycles. If you own a van that needs maintenance or repair of any kind, our technicians are the professionals for the job.

Motorcycles and mopeds are also our specialities. No matter what the brand is, we can repair and fine tune for optimal performance. Whether your motorcycle is a workhorse or a weekend toy, you can count on us to have her roaring with power and burst.

Why Choose Us?

Our experienced mechanics perform thorough routine maintenance checkup that not only keeps your car efficient and ensure comfortable driving but also increase longevity in the long run, not to mention raising its value if you plan to resale the vehicle.

We are conveniently located in Chesterfield Derbyshire. You can feel free to drop your vehicle, light van, or motorbike for repair or just routine maintenance while you pop into town for a few errands. By the time you get back, she will be ready for you to take her home.

We are very flexible and try to accommodate your schedule to make things easier for you the best way we can. Our technicians are very well-trained and certified with extensive experience so you can rest assured that your machine is in good hands. Our customer service is friendly and thorough at the same time.

Generally, we take pleasure in providing you with automotive repair service that will leave a smile on your face.