Annual MOT

Road safety is paramount as it saves lives. With the government efforts on reducing UK carbon print, vehicles have a part to play and this has become apparent in the recent inclusion of stricter testing standards on vehicle emissions. Although the testing criteria may seem more cumbersome now, we must also see the broader picture and the good that comes out of it.

When it's time for your annual MOT testing, it is likely that you will pass. In the event that you receive a fail, it means that there some defect on your vehicle that is safety related or harmful to the environment and will need immediate repair if your vehicle is to be certified as road worthy.


Why Professional Help Is Important

At our Derbyshire garage, not only are we certified to conduct MOT tests but our technicians also are very conversant with MOT repair and you could not have come to better place.

Because a pass result is what you hope for when you go for an MOT test, it unfortunate that it will not always be what you get. The frustration of going for several tests and not passing can be infuriating because you need your car to successfully run your day to day activities.

This situation can put you in an awkward position and one might get tempted to drive without a valid MOT. This would be a grievous mistake because should you run into the traffic police, you are likely to incur a hefty fine to the tune of £1000. No one wants that.


Our qualified car technicians are conversant with all repair issues that would result in an MOT fail. This includes those repairs that may pose a road safety threat, are hazardous to the environment and are classified as dangerous or major and will result in your vehicle not passing the annual MOT.

We are here for you and will work with you in conducting all the necessary repairs for any category to ensure that you get that coveted pass and feel safe and comfortable as you drive about.

Our Derbyshire garage has been instrumental in assisting thousands of customers in getting their vehicles in mint condition, ensuring they don't have to go through several fails before they get it right.

Helping You Learn More About MOT Tests

We have also helped our clients understand the ins and out of MOT. This includes those categories that are exempted from an annual test such as classic cars that were manufactured more than 40 years ago, motorbikes, and some light vans.

Historic cars can be exempted from MOT for as long no substantial alterations have been made over the last 30 years. Substantial changes include cars that have become a kit conversion or whose suspension and steering has been changed through the running gear or axles. An antique car that bears a 'Q' number Plate will be subject to the MOT annual test.


No matter what type of car you have, whether modern or historic, manual or automatic transmission, our aim is to provide you with all needed repairs that render your car safe both to you and other motorists as well as the environment.

Call us today for any MOT repair or to schedule an MOT test an appointment.